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Building Bridges for You, Families, and our Community

- Our Mission -

To promote multi-cultural awareness and an appreciation of diversity through language.

Conversational Adult Spanish Classes

Learn Spanish in a Conversational style that WORKS!

Spanish Preschool & Kinder & Daycare

Give your children the gift of a Great education AND a new language!

Travel Language Learning Journeys

Travel programs that inspire the heart and the mind!

Business Language Services

Translation, Interpretation, On-site Spanish Classes, and more!

About Us...

Puentes means "Bridges" in Spanish. Our goal is to bridge the cultural gaps in our community, and we believe that language is a key in that process.

Puentes provides a fun, intensive language experience for introductory and intermediate level students. Taught entirely in the target language, we offer various classes that will immerse the learner in interesting and useful languages in the same way they learned their native language. With age-appropriate interactive games, cultural activities, songs, crafts, food, conversation, and TPRS Storytelling, the student will progress rapidly in their language ability while having a lot of fun.

All of our classes are immersion, teaching IN the language, not ABOUT the language, so you can focus on communicating and not on memorizing!

Why does the Conversational / Immersion approach work best?

Just like we learned our First language

Research has shown that language learning in the brain works the same for our first language as it does for second and subsequent languages. Learning like a child learns is the most successful approach.

We are all already experts!

We all learned our native language through immersion - from the time we were babies. Since the process is the same to learn a second language, all we need is to tap into how we learned our first language.

Memorization Doesn't work

In high school and even in college, language classes always seem to be about memorizing lots of words and grammar rules and then doing writing assignments where students practice writing sentences. Unfortunately, we don't communicate by reciting memorized rules or words!

Relevance is Important

Why do children learn language so well? Because everything they need has to be communicated. Our needs are extremely relevant to us! In our classes, we engage students in conversation that is interesting and relevant to what their needs and interests are.

Context is Important

A very important factor in language learning is word association. Things 'just sound right' when they are in the right context. Additionally, we gain clues about what goes with what so when we listen, we understand better and when we speak, the right words are more likely to just come automatically - because of context!

Keeping it FUN!

When learning is fun, we learn quicker and it lasts longer. And we enjoy it more! Think of your favorite teacher ever... did they make learning fun? Did you learn a lot? Usually, the answer is yes to both. At Puentes, our teachers are engaging and fun and the activities we do are also fun, so you learn faster and it lasts longer.

Puentes Spanish classes are year-around! Spanish Preschool and daycare are offered throughout the year including summer. Adult Spanish classes are typically offered 48 weeks of the year (now during summer as well!)

and we have immersion weekends periodically throughout the year, including in summer months. We also offer summer Spanish camps for kids of all ages in July and August. Spanish for everyone, throughout the year!

Puentes is a local Boise company. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our community. Many of our students find out about our language programs from friends or family.

We appreciate these referrals very much! We will happily offer you $50 for each Preschool student who joins us because of your referral! Want to print out a coupon? Click Here


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